This one is a creative necklace commissioned by a friend of mine.  She wanted something chunky and navy color schemes.  So I found a good mixture of navy, gun metal, and sage colored seed beads.  I strung 12 different strands, mixed randomly, and then wove them together.  I used a white ribbon clasp, per my friend's request.  This necklace turned out really great!  Kaleigh was $28.  Email me at tallymj@gmail.com if you are interested in a necklace like Kaleigh! 


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Tiffany is a spring inspired creation. I have made a lot little pendants out of many different color beads: turquoise, red, orange, aqua, brown, amber, and purple. (Some of the colors are a little bit hard to see in the picture. I wish that you all could go to the store and look at it! ) I then attached the pendants to some chain that I made, and then strung two strands of black seed beads to add some length. It has a gold lobster claw clasp and extra chain lengths so that you can choose how long you wan the necklace to hang. It really is a beautiful, bright necklace. Tiffany is $40. Email me at tallymj@gmail.com if you are interested in Tiffany.
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So, I am kind of on the antique broach and earring designing kick!  I have another beautiful necklace to offer.  Meggie uses a simple flower earring pendant.  It is made of metal and has one blue topaz jewel and then some smaller diamond jewels, of course the jewels are not real.  I attached the earring with a simple strand of pearls which gives this necklace a unique, yet classy look.  I used a gold sheer ribbon for the clasp, again for multiple length options.  It can be worn with a casual outfit or a dressy outfit.  Meggie is $35.  I do have another one of the earrings, so I can use the same pendant with a little different look or make another just like Meggie so that two different people can enjoy this beautiful necklace!  Email me at tallymj@gmail.com if you are interested in Meggie!



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April was designed as a donation for a fundraiser that I was recently a part of.  It has an beautiful antique, green, blue, and gold earring as it's pendant.  I strung it with two different strands, one is a mixture of pearl and crystal beads, and the other with topaz colored glass chip beads.  It's clasp is brown satin ribbon, so that you can wear it at multiple lengths.  It really looks stunning on.  I have one more of the vintage earrings so I could make you a necklace just like April or similar, using the same pendant.  April was $38.  Email me at tallymj@gmail.com if you are interested in a necklace like April!


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I am now offering free shipping on all Mother's Day orders!  I realize that every penny counts these days and so I would like to help you out a little bit!  You can still get your mom the PERFECT gift with this new offer.  I am going to be posting more samples of my recent work in just a bit.  Browse through everything and let me know if you see something that you like or you just have to have!  I can make any style necklace in any colors, and with matching earrings.  Email me at tallymj@gmail.com for any questions you might have!  Happy shopping!
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A New Venture!

I am so excited to announce that Tallyana Jewelry can now be found for sale in the Jane Pabon Consignment shop in St. Charles, IL! It is a really cool shop, owned by a Christian woman, who is super nice and really helping me get my feet wet in the retail side of my business. You should all go and check out her shop, there is lots of nice, trendy clothes and shoes for sale there. I have also continued to explore more with antique broaches. I have three different ones that I am going to post as examples. If you have a broach, maybe a family heirloom, that you think you would like as a necklace, just email me and can help you with that! They really are a very classy and a uniquely cool look! Here is the first one, Jane. The owner of the shop, Jane Pabon, helped give design ideas for me to make it. I think that it turned out super cool!


The next necklace I have made with a broach was also commissioned by someone. She found a necklace that she liked on another website, and then I made one similar, but with her own flare. I found a cool flower pin at an antique store and I used it in this necklace, it is called Felicia.      

Lastly, I have one more necklace that is the same style as these. This one is actually made with a vintage earring instead of a broach. It has a much smaller look. One is made with pearl and gold colored beads on the earring, and then strung with pearls and sterling silver chain. This is actually for sale! It costs $32, plus shipping.  Email me at tallymj@gmail.com if you are interested in Elizabeth.


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