My sister recently commissioned me to make a necklace for her daughter's dance teacher as a thank you gift. All she told me was that she wanted it to be artsy because the teacher was of course, artsy. This is what I came up with! I used a vintage flower pin, but it had no holes to attach to the strand so I had to improvise. I think it turned out really artsy if I do say so myself! Tell me what you think!
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Another Wedding!

Well it has been a long time since I have updated this blog. One of the reasons is because I had a baby and I have been a little preoccupied! Here is my sweet babe! He is my joy!
But, that doesn't mean that I haven't been working. I have focusing my efforts on another one of my friend's wedding! She will remain nameless incase some of her attendants are reading this! ;) She ordered necklaces for the bridesmaids and bracelets for the house party, and then matching earrings for both. I have not photographed the earrings but I wanted to mention it so that you readers can know that I make earrings as well! Here are the photos of the necklaces! (I will post the bracelets in a separate post so that this one is not too long!)

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