Ame is a spin off of my Elizabethan.  A friend of mine ordered it for her mom's birthday.  It has amethyst colored pearls, mixed with a little bit of green and yellow.  I made three strands and then braided them together.  I wanted to put this one up on the blog to show that I can make you a necklace like this in any color.  A necklace like Ame is $30, plus shipping.  Email me at if you are interested in a necklace like Ame. 

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I know that it seems like a long time since I have posted a necklace.  I have had more personal orders lately, instead of just creating on my own.  I really do enjoy both.  This necklace actually I had in mind of making, but before I could make it I had a friend who asked me if I had anything made in red.  I quickly made this one because I knew that she would like it!  I sometimes come across inspiration when I am in different stores, looking at lots of different jewelry, and that's where I got my inspiration for this necklace.  It is just tiny red and light blue beads randomly on three different strands.  Then I braided the three strands together.  I made the earrings exactly the same way.  This set of jewelry was $30, plus shipping.  I can make a necklace like this in any two colors you would want! Let me know if you are interested in a necklace like Kathy! 

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