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A sweet friend Fallon recently asked me to make her wedding jewelry. Of course I was excited to be a part of her BIG day! She actually asked me to do something that I had never done before. She really loves red and wanted to try and incorporate it somehow into her wedding accessories. So, at first I made her a necklace with two pearl strands and one red strand. She decided it was a little too bold and asked to take the red out, which was no big deal. Then she came up with a brilliant idea! She asked if I could make some removable strands, one made with crystals and one with the red. At first I was perplexed because I didn't know how I could pull that off and make it to where you couldn't tell that they were removable. I didn't want to have clasps going every whichway and all. I mean it is her wedding day and who would want that? I finally figured out a way to do it! I made the strands and then had them attach with a small ribbon tied into a bow! So now she can wear the crystal strand for the ceremony and change to the red for the reception if she wants! I am so glad that she asked me to do this because that is just one more fun and unique selling point about ordering customized wedding jewelry from Tallyana Jewelry! Let me know what you think.
This is without either strand attached.

The crystal strand.

The red strand.

I will post pictures of Fallon actually wearing the necklace after the big day occurs! Oh and side note, the broach on Fallon's necklace is a piece of her grandmother's old jewelry. Another great way to make your wedding day jewelry extra special!
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Commission Catch-up :)

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Customize your Neck! (or your friend's...)

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This is what you want for Christmas! I found this knit flower at the store the other day and just fell in love with it! I made a necklace out if it almost immediately. I strung a strand of different colored pearls, pink crystals, red beads and a hint of aqua beads! I loved how it turned out! Rose is $35. Email me at if you are interested in Rose!

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Creating just to Create

I have had so many wedding orders recently (Not that I'm complaining!) that I haven't had any time to just make necklaces for fun! Here are two of the necklace that I have recently designed.

This first one is a fun and colorful necklace. I don't know if it is just because it has been so cloudy outside lately that inspired me to make something bright, or just my love for color! On the bottom half is two strands, one with yellow and purplish/pink beads, and the other with aqua and crystal yellow beads. The upper part of the necklace has pink beads, textured with what looks like straw and then a couple black accents. It is tied together with a black ribbon clasp for the luxury of wearing your necklace at any length, and for the glamor that it adds!
Jenny is $36.

The next was inspired by this very cute burnt orange dress that I just got to wear to a wedding last weekend. I designed the jewelry for the wedding so I knew that I had to wear jewelry of my own that was super sweet! I decided to go with a cluster of some different charms. I used two real leaves that have been preserved and hand painted. One was 14K Gold and the other with Copper. Then I added some crystal beads and a fresh water pearl cluster that are the same burnt orange color as the dress. It rests on a 14K Gold chain and then tied together with a gold ribbon clasp. Now, it is hard to photograph exactly how it hangs, since it is a cluster 3-dimensional cluster, but hopefully you can get an idea of how it hangs.
Berry is $40.

Email me at if you are interested in either of these necklaces.
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Lacey is another one of my new, fabric necklaces. I love it! I actually used lace ribbon, tied it to some Rhodium (like Platinum) chain, and then hand-made a pearl chain strand. The pearls used are freshwater pearls, strung silver posts to make the chain. It is closed off with a ribbon clasp so that you can wear this necklace at different lengths. Lacey is $38, plus shipping. Email me at if you are interested in Lacey!

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I am now stepping into some new inspiration in my jewelry, including fabric into my jewelry! Brynn uses a textured, aqua colored fabric, tied to a Rhodium (like platinum) chain, and then finished off with a strand of black beads. I think that this would look great casual or dressed up with your "Little Black Dress"! Let me know what you think! I am planning on making some similar with some other colored fabrics so let me know if you would want a necklace like Brynn, but with different colors. Brynn is $35, plus shipping. Email me at if you are interested in Brynn.

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