A sweet friend Fallon recently asked me to make her wedding jewelry. Of course I was excited to be a part of her BIG day! She actually asked me to do something that I had never done before. She really loves red and wanted to try and incorporate it somehow into her wedding accessories. So, at first I made her a necklace with two pearl strands and one red strand. She decided it was a little too bold and asked to take the red out, which was no big deal. Then she came up with a brilliant idea! She asked if I could make some removable strands, one made with crystals and one with the red. At first I was perplexed because I didn't know how I could pull that off and make it to where you couldn't tell that they were removable. I didn't want to have clasps going every whichway and all. I mean it is her wedding day and who would want that? I finally figured out a way to do it! I made the strands and then had them attach with a small ribbon tied into a bow! So now she can wear the crystal strand for the ceremony and change to the red for the reception if she wants! I am so glad that she asked me to do this because that is just one more fun and unique selling point about ordering customized wedding jewelry from Tallyana Jewelry! Let me know what you think.
This is without either strand attached.

The crystal strand.

The red strand.

I will post pictures of Fallon actually wearing the necklace after the big day occurs! Oh and side note, the broach on Fallon's necklace is a piece of her grandmother's old jewelry. Another great way to make your wedding day jewelry extra special!


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