The Perfect Sentiment this Christmas

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A Fall Wedding!

This wedding jewelry is long overdue. I made the jewelry back in August, but being a teacher and having the school year start, I got a little preoccupied. But, better late than never right! So, here are the pics of the jewelry I made for both the bride and then for the bridesmaids. They were made to match a rust colored dress.

This last picture is a picture of the tiara that I made for the bride. I found a really cool vintage flower necklace from an antique store and made it into a tiara! I really love how it turned out! Let me know what you think at!

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The pieces of jewelry were from her grandmother's old jewelry, so it was special for her to wear and have as a keepsake.

But, I do have some of my own pictures to post of the jewelry pieces. These were made to match an olive colored dress. Each dress was different so I tried to match the dress, as well as each girls' personality. The first necklace is the bride's necklace, and then the ones that follow are the bridesmaids. Let me know what you think at!

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