SweetGems and Laurel

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Peanut Brittle and Elle

So apparently now that I have actually started my business, I can't sleep! I am so excited to let you guys see the new things that I have been working on. Actually since I have started this blog, I have finished two more necklaces! The first one I am calling Peanut Brittle.

That is a rust color shell pendant, with assorted brown, gold, and pearl color beads, woven with two wires on the strand. The necklace is approximately 16 inches long, a good medium length necklace. I am selling Peanut Brittle for $20, plus shipping.

My next addition is called, Elle. I think that this is one of the coolest necklaces that I have ever made! I used the same rust colored pendant that is in Peanut Brittle, but the strand of beads has multicolored turquoise beads, small round red beads, and a hint of gold here and there! Elle is $27, plus shipping. This one is sold, but let me know if you would want me to make one similar to this!

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And so I begin...

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