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I have had so many wedding orders recently (Not that I'm complaining!) that I haven't had any time to just make necklaces for fun! Here are two of the necklace that I have recently designed.

This first one is a fun and colorful necklace. I don't know if it is just because it has been so cloudy outside lately that inspired me to make something bright, or just my love for color! On the bottom half is two strands, one with yellow and purplish/pink beads, and the other with aqua and crystal yellow beads. The upper part of the necklace has pink beads, textured with what looks like straw and then a couple black accents. It is tied together with a black ribbon clasp for the luxury of wearing your necklace at any length, and for the glamor that it adds!
Jenny is $36.

The next was inspired by this very cute burnt orange dress that I just got to wear to a wedding last weekend. I designed the jewelry for the wedding so I knew that I had to wear jewelry of my own that was super sweet! I decided to go with a cluster of some different charms. I used two real leaves that have been preserved and hand painted. One was 14K Gold and the other with Copper. Then I added some crystal beads and a fresh water pearl cluster that are the same burnt orange color as the dress. It rests on a 14K Gold chain and then tied together with a gold ribbon clasp. Now, it is hard to photograph exactly how it hangs, since it is a cluster 3-dimensional cluster, but hopefully you can get an idea of how it hangs.
Berry is $40.

Email me at if you are interested in either of these necklaces.


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I love Berry!

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